WELCOME TO San Francisco Bay Weddings

    Traditional Cultural Weddings San Francisco

    Wedding traditions of all religions and ethnicities are welcome at the San Mateo Marriott where 22,000 sq ft of event space accommodates parties of all sizes. Your unique traditions come to life under our gazebo, throughout the lawn of our intimate courtyard and within the walls of our grand ballrooms.  With every detail meticulously planned and taken care of by our team of experts, you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the process as your vision and story takes shape in our space.

    The San Mateo Marriott is an ideal venue to hold your wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our wedding professionals realize that wedding is rife with tradition and meaning, and work tirelessly to ensure that your special day will remain in the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance. Let us help lead you through the maze of details to ensure everything for your special day unfolds flawlessly.

    Hear cheers of "mazel tov" fill the air as the ceremony comes to a traditional conclusion with the groom breaking a glass with his foot. Then you and your guests will enjoy the seudah of only the finest kosher foods before heading to the ballroom where you can do the Hora all night long.